Our Team

 Sean Pender, Benefits Consultant & Health Reform Advisor

My clients call me their insurance agent. If you asked those same people to define my role, they would most likely consider me a business consultant or valued advisor. My education and background in business allow me to focus on the bottom line – helping business owners become successful and profitable. When combining these skills with my understanding of today’s complex web of health insurance rules and regulations, I become a trusted business partner. As a business partner, I review operational methods and goals, making recommendations to help employers create competitive and compliant benefits programs – programs that attract and retain top employees. I also enjoy helping families and individuals select the right mix of insurance coverage for creating a top-notch protection package.

 Jennifer Pender, Small Business Protection and Health Reform Problem Solver

I am a small business problem-solver using my critical thinking skills and industry knowledge to create a tactical protection plan for the small business owner and a specialized benefits package for employees. By relating my understanding of today’s complex maze of health insurance rules and regulations, I have become a trusted advisor to small businesses with big ideas. I serve clients as a value-added Benefit Specialist – educating employees, facilitating enrollments, monitoring annual renewals, and providing year-round customer support. I also build personal protection packages with a unique blend of insurance coverage designed specifically for each person by exploring all market options and then recommending a “best-for-you” approach. My passion is helping business owners realize dreams and individuals acquire financial security.

 Faye Pender, Employee Benefits Expert & Personal Insurance Specialist

Since 1978, I have advised business owners how to create employee benefits programs – programs that help attract outstanding employees. Whether it is a small or mid-size group, I use my industry knowledge and expertise to guide employers through program development, carrier selection, group enrollment, and legal compliance. After enrollment, I become essential to the smooth operation of the group’s benefits program assisting with new hires, employee communications, and annual group renewal. In addition to developing business benefits program, I have also helped families and individuals assemble personal protection plans – coverage that works uniquely for each person’s requirements.

 Linda Grant, Business Manager & Individual Insurance Advisor

My primary responsibility at Pender & Associates is managing agency operations – ensuring that systems are reliable and efficient, technology is current, and maintaining a marketing program that supports our sales objective. Evolution of the insurance industry combined with the rapid development of technology requires diligent monitoring and prudent investing to keep our agency competitive and profitable. While I enjoy my business management position, my favorite role is individual insurance sales. The position allows me to help people navigate the insurance market options then make recommendations for coverage that works exclusively for them. After policy acquirement, I help clients with billing issues and claims resolution – a service our clients clearly welcome.


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